Saturday, September 29, 2018

What Would Jesus Do…?

   A serious question, for those that profess to love and follow Him, that likely isn’t asked enough and when asked, probably isn’t answered with any serious intent. Now I realize that everyone doesn’t have the same religious views, so this post obviously isn’t going to resonate with everybody. In fact, it is written for a very specific audience to provoke a very specific response.

   We like to divide ourselves. Oh, we lament about the divisiveness of it all, yet willingly set ourselves apart from each other with all kinds of labels. These labels often reflect what we do or what we believe, so as to easily identify what we are about. For example, if you call yourself a Christian, it’s expected that you are one that follows the example and teachings of Christ. Unfortunately it seems our society has mislabeled many of us and many of us have mislabeled ourselves. Taking the given example, it makes no sense to call oneself a Christian if you do not live your life in agreement with Christ.

   Some say religion is politics and the barrier between the two is razor thin. I say…what would Jesus do? Do you think if Jesus walked the Earth today that He would be going to the polls and pulling a lever for His favorite candidate, or would He be doing the same thing He did before…and minister to the masses about how to attain the Kingdom of Heaven? Would He help the poor, feed the hungry, heal the sick? Or would He lobby government representatives to enact legislation that reflect His political beliefs?

   I don’t recall Jesus getting involved in the politics of Rome…until he was taken into custody to account for all the good he had done.

   So forgive me if I’m perplexed by the agenda of those that have been labeled, and label themselves, as Evangelicals. To evangelize is to preach the gospel and convert people to Christianity. I don’t recall Jesus ever converting anyone through force, but instead through example. I recall He lived by the Ten Commandments, but did not seek to have Rome enforce them. Today it seems there is a concerted effort to make America into a theocracy instead of maintaining it as a constitutional republic. There is no need of human legislation to enforce the law of God. If Evangelicals are truly reading their bibles, then they should be living by faith knowing that God is fully capable of enforcing His laws, and judgement is soon coming. That being the case, their only question should be…what would Jesus do?

   People are willing to abandon their moral compass if the off-road trip brings them to where they want to be. Essentially, it doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you get there. “By any means necessary” doesn’t seem to be the way of Christ. I seem to recall He was very specific in the “way” and it was rooted in “truth” in order to have “life.”

   So as you read this and get all bent out of shape (or not), just remember that many people heard the words of Christ and chose to walk away…but they did not call themselves Christians or Evangelicals after they parted ways. If you are wondering if you have parted ways with the Almighty…all you have to do is first ask yourself, what would Jesus do? Then answer the question, as found in His word. You will either agree or disagree…how you label yourself after that is up to you.

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