Sunday, September 27, 2015

Take an Hour.…Take the Hill.

   One might assume from the title that this post might be about the entertaining world of politics. After all, if we really dedicated an hour to fixing the system, we could take Capitol Hill. Alas, I have blogged about the broken system enough and if you have not done anything about it by now…you won’t ever.

   No…this post is not about politics, but about YOU and what you could be doing to benefit yourself. I’m not going to make any assumptions about what you do to take care of yourself already, I’m just going to share with you what I am currently doing to take care of myself…and it involves taking an hour out of the day, and taking a hill.

   I have posted quite a bit about exercise and working out and hope such posts have been beneficial to anyone reading them. Sometimes I am hard-pressed to take my own advice (kinda like doctors being the worst patients) but other times I not only take my own advice, I build on it. Recently, it has been one of those times as I have rededicated myself to specific weight loss goals and am using walking as a key element in achieving those goals.

   I enjoy walking and have even dedicated some time to discussing the benefits of it on this blog. Now…when I say that I enjoy it, I’m speaking about those times I do it for stress relief or just as a leisure activity. What I have been doing with it lately can’t be described as “joy” in my book…although it has been extremely effective.

   As an additional component to my workout I have been taking an hour out of my day (usually right after my cardio/strength training) and using that hour to walk up and down one of the steepest hills in my neighborhood. Walking for an hour is great…walking for an hour up and down a hill is…tremendous (work).

   My experience with this routine is one of becoming closer to God…because midway up the hill is when I start praying for strength to get to the top (as gravity takes it’s toll), and once there…praying for strength to make it back down to the bottom without having a break-down (going downhill is, in many ways, more difficult for me that going uphill). Of course, all this is even more difficult if I don’t do it early in the morning and instead seek to punish myself by being out in the afternoon…when it’s the hottest.

   Let me now advise caution for anyone thinking of doing what I do in the way I do it as I admit, I do take risks…but that is a personal choice I make to get the most out of the effort I am putting in (and it’s certainly paying off). Maybe take a hill that is not so steep…and walk it later in the evening when it’s cooler. In short, do it in a way that is most comfortable for you and in a way that is in-line with your fitness goals.

   Maintaining your health should be one of the utmost priorities you have since your health is not something you can ever buy once it’s gone. The only payment that you can make to it is time and effort…or more specifically, ample time and proper effort. Take this post as another tool in helping that endeavor.

   Be good.

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