Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Declare Your Independence

   So.…the mid-term elections are over and Americans have once again proven they are unfit for the sacrifice made by the founding fathers. Too harsh? Ok, how about they have proven once again they are mindless sheep willing to follow people that systematically lie to them? Wait…let’s back track a moment. This is not a post ranting about the overwhelming Republican victories, but a post sounding the horn about a two party system that repeatedly gives us exactly what we don’t want…but always ask for.

      Let’s not sit here and act like there’s a huge difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. All you have to do is look at the first things Obama did when he got in office to see which way the wind blows. C’mon…keep acting like bailing out the banks wouldn’t be the first thing the Republicans would have also done. That aside, lets look at a much simpler comparison…show me a single politician sitting in office that makes the same amount you and I do. It doesn’t matter which party they belong to, government is made up of millionaires setting policy for the poor and middle class.

   Personally, I’ve had enough of the shenanigans. I’m flabbergasted at the ineptitude of the general public to not see the vicious cycle they have locked themselves into. The very people not happy with Bush voted for Obama…then vote Republican again when they aren’t happy with that. Later, when they aren’t happy with the Republicans, they’ll vote Democrat again…and the cycle continues.
   Since my values don’t line up with every single tenet of either party, I’m proud to declare myself an Independent…and thus a participating intellectual trying to break the status quo so progress can be made.
   Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes of all this so the message can be delivered loud and clear. People need to stop voting in candidates presented from both the Republicans and the Democrats and start voting in candidates that have no affiliation with either party. I hear the same argument all the time for not doing this. A vote for the independent candidate is a “wasted” vote. However, seeing as how there is a vicious cycle going on wherein both the Democrats and Republicans can’t get the job done (by design I’ll add), it seems to me the wasted vote is the one that perpetuates this dumb cycle of those with means setting policy for those with lesser means.

   Let’s not pretend that the lobbyists aren’t sitting outside the doors of politicians from both parties…cause they are. How else do you think these laws protecting big corporations while screwing the average citizen get passed? One party can’t do it alone.
   Also…how about we stop being so gullible and closed minded in our thinking? Let’s stop acting like the government hasn’t lied to us before (while under the control of both parties) and that a media run and funded by private corporations doesn’t have a self-serving agenda. This would be hilarious, if it wasn’t destroying our country.
   It’s time to start weighing the damage folks. If you’re voting for a candidate because he/she supports a certain issue you rally behind (guns, abortion, gay rights, immigration) it’s time you start looking at the rest of the platform to see what you’re giving up for the support of that position. What good are your beliefs if you’re dead? If you’re candidate won’t stop the poisoning of the people through food and drugs, for a profit, then what good is he/she? If you don’t realize that above all, your health is all you have…and once its gone, you are as useless as a strainer standing in for a cup, then what good are you now…really?

   Let me simplify it even more for you. If your candidate is unwilling to sign into law, legislation mandating each member of Congress be given time, and read, every page of every bill voted on…then you’re dealing with a scummy politician, and it’s time to replace him/her with a statesman. 

Declare your independence!

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