Friday, August 19, 2011

Clueless Intent in the Mysteries of Life

   Your belief or disbelief in God is not the point of what is about to transpire. If you are reading this, then you are alive...and since that is the case, then at some point you will find the next line to hold some truth. Sometimes the clues we find are for mysteries we never intended to solve. Let the realization set in that your intentions are irrelevant...and God's plan is on your agenda. 

   There are many types of people that occupy the planet. Without going into detail of all the types there are, just know...that you are one of them. That said, we can all find ourselves in a situation that we never intended to be in. Sometimes we don’t even realize what is happening around, or right in front of us, and our only link to this realization comes as small clues. You may be the type of person that analyzes your daily existence with a sharp eye or a kind of person that doesn’t sweat the small stuff. It really doesn’t matter...when that light “clicks” in your head, the calculations begin.

   We all have that moment...when we read something, see something or hear something said that flips that switch in our heads and suddenly, it all starts coming together. We find ourselves in that Detective Dave Kujan moment at the end of “The Usual Suspects” after Roger "Verbal" Kint leaves his office...a 

moment where, like dominoes carefully lined up and set into motion, clarity collides with reality in perfect order. Though unlike Detective Kujan, who was actually trying to solve a mystery, we can find ourselves having this experience with a mystery we never intended to solve...primarily because we never even knew it existed.

   Sometimes the clues we find are for mysteries we never intended to solve. Then, we are faced with two choices: solve it...or ignore it. Having no intent on solving the unknown is completely irrelevant to the fact that what was once unknown, has become known. The question of what will be done next is answered by choice. There will either be brave realization with acceptance or willful ignorance. Again, you need only be living to experience this, and your beliefs to this point matter not in the least.

   However, if you do ascribe to a certain belief...if you do believe in God, then it’s at this point that the realization sets in that what you intended is not only irrelevant because of the enveloping clarity...but because there is a plan...a design, and you are neither the planner nor the designer. You realize that your

 agenda has been usurped by forces that cannot and will not be ignored and acceptance will expedite the matter, while willful ignorance will just prolong the inevitable.

   The only other piece of this life puzzle is: Will clarity come in time to effect change...or will it come seconds too late, and like Detective Kujan, leave you with the knowledge that you couldn’t have been any being so very far away.


  1. Connecting dots is fun :]

  2. Sometimes it can be...other times it is until the picture is complete, then it might not be.