Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Creating the Ultimate “You.”

   Everyone has a life philosophy, or at least they should…in terms of how to live life to the fullest while being a positive contribution to it.  Some may not agree and that’s fine (hopefully there are more that do than don’t). I actually adhere to several philosophical views while navigating the complexities of life and had an opportunity to share one of them with my daughter recently.

   My daughter is very bright and gifted, but like the rest of us, must balance the totality of who she is and wishes to become within the hours allowed to all of us each day. So when she came to me concerned about the pressures of school, calamity of home, and overall frustration with life…I was delighted to once again be afforded the opportunity to impart what little wisdom I have acquired over the years.

   Success in life is not just the balancing act of tasks and goals, but also a focusing act of dedication and progress. Although “success” is a subjective term according to what your goals and philosophy is, the formula for attaining it remains pretty consistent. For me, becoming the best version of “you” that is possible is the ultimate success. This, of course, is tied into the original idea of living life to the fullest while being a positive contribution to it. 

   The answer to the woes afflicting my daughter were, of course, about organization…but more importantly than that (given the fact school already organizes much of the day for her) was that she give 100% of herself to what she is doing, at the time she is doing it. I know this may sound simplistic (and it probably is) but the application of such has worked tremendously for her.

   Focus, for a teenager, does not come easy. The practice of compartmentalizing life is, in my opinion, helpful. For a teenager dealing with school both academically and socially, focusing all your energy on the subject at hand, knowing all other subjects will be dealt with accordingly the same way in their own time, relieves that “weight of the world” feeling. 

   When she’s in class…it’s 100% into whatever subject is presented blocking out thoughts of future plans, past situations, and other subjects (boys…smh). The same is applied to basketball after school (or whatever sport she elects to do), homework, and music (she is self taught in numerous instruments with a love for the piano).

   In this way I have convinced her (with some success) that she can create the “ultimate her.” Her grades have improved, her game has improved…her overall happiness has improved. I should also mention that she has begun taking her faith seriously as well, with the same dedication of focus and time…completing the improvement of her “total fitness.”

   So now I share this philosophy with the world (many are already practicing it no doubt) in hopes that this sharing can help someone else to improve and embark on the worthwhile endeavor of creating the ultimate “you.”

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