Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Who Do You Trust?

   Life is amazing and I find it interesting, insane, and sad (all at the same time) that there seem to be so many people, willing or not, living in the role of “sheep.” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know everything and don’t claim to know any more than the next person, but I believe myself to have a small amount of practical sense that I use to reach good reason.

   I suppose the opening paragraph is the answer to the question of this post…for me. Who do you trust? I trust myself. I trust I can figure some things out and that in doing so, my decisions will reflect intelligence. Recently I have come to question this ability in others (well…to be honest, this isn’t the first time) when I see so many people still giving trust to entities that have no regard for them.

   I take my health very seriously…so why would I trust a company, any company with the primary goal to make money, with my personal well being? I wonder how many people really ask themselves this very same question, especially when I see so many on prescription drugs trusting that a pharmaceutical company really cares about them instead of their own profits.

   I’ve always been an advocate of taking your health into your own hands and being diligent in discovering what’s best for you. Now I see commercials advocating the exact opposite and promoting a complete trust in your doctor, after all…he or she is the expert, and you’re just an idiot. At least, they hope you are.

   Recently there has been a ruckus over the official position Wegmans supermarkets has taken in the controversy over GMO foods. For those not in the know, GMO stands for genetically modified organism. The debate over them would be a complete post unto itself, really…so I’m not going into it now except to say that if you think I’m going to trust and believe a company looking to increase it’s profit through modified food when it comes to the question of if that food is safe for me to eat, then you really haven’t been paying me any attention. That’s cool.

   Moving on, I really can’t believe anyone still trusts the FDA, but I know people still do. I just sit and scratch my head on this one. I mean, if the FDA were some independent body with no ties to the industry it regulates then maybe I could take it seriously. But when food and drug company execs are put in charge of it and FDA higher ups go to work for the companies they regulate after they retire…it just strains credibility to believe they’re thinking of me when they make decisions about my health.

   Corporations care about you. If I write it again, will you believe it then? Did you believe it the first time I wrote it? Think for a moment, people go to jail if they fail to make money for the shareholders. Do you really think they’re going to do time just to keep you healthy? I’m flabbergasted that when there is a person of conscience that leaves the company and blows the whistle, we treat them like they’re still the criminal, ignoring the atrocities for which they’re blowing the whistle. Yep…pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

   As if the culling of society by the corporations wasn’t enough, we also have to deal with the politicians. I mean, why are we still falling for the okie-doke? Why are we acting like there’s some huge difference between the Republicans and Democrats when both cater to the exact same special interests (back to the corporations)? Why is it when we come across a politician that tells it like it is (usually going against the grain…alone), we don’t rally behind them?

   We, the people, are our own worst enemy. We don’t seem to trust ourselves to have the sense to know what’s right (in all fairness, some of us just don’t…insert the woman that thinks deer read deer crossing signs) and so trust others that don’t care about what’s right. As I said at the beginning…interesting, insane, and sad. I grieve daily.

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