Monday, February 20, 2012

My Tax Dollars...Your Burden

   “My tax dollars pay for your salary!”

   Ok...since I’m also a tax payer, it’s safe to say that my tax dollars also pay for my salary, so essentially, I‘m paying myself. I’m my own boss...but I already knew this. I get a kick out of people that brandish the fiery fist of power fueled by their tax dollars. In fact, I get a kick out of the very idea that they think they have any ownership at all over the money that is confiscated from them by our government. Yes...confiscated, because it is taken from you wether you want to give it or not.
   Let me lay this out for you. You’re money is in your pocket, under your mattress or in your bank account. That money that was in your check before Uncle Sam confiscated it...WAS yours. By the time you get your check it’s gone, and isn’t yours anymore. Many reading this won’t get that, but I’ll just direct those people back to the beginning of this paragraph wherein I explain where your money is.
   Once the idea of where your money is and what makes it yours...namely being in your possession to do with as you please, it’s easy to understand why I don’t get upset like so many others do when they complain about how their tax dollars are being wasted. The government wastes matter where it comes from, so why is the money they take from you so special? Perhaps you think because it used to be yours that you have some claim or say about what is done with it? Right...tell you what, the next time you willingly give your money out, please try to enforce what is done with it after it is no longer in your possession. How about if your employer demand and enforce what you do with your money after you cash the check? Will that work for you? No...? Won’t work the other way around either.
   How about when your money is taken from you by force? If you’re held at knife point and your money is taken, it is returned to you if the authorities can capture and recover the thief in time. In essence, it’s still your long as it can be recovered, and if not...there is always legal recourse to get it back or punishment issued for the taking. Funny how that system doesn’t work for you when Uncle Sam is the one robbing you. I don’t want my money taken from me, it’s being done against my wishes. I think I’ll call the police next Friday and report the money stolen from my check. I’m optimistic that justice will prevail...who’s with me?
   Let’s get real. No matter how much you cry about how the government is spending “your” money, they aren’t going to stop taking it from you nor are they going to give any back beyond what they decree is all right to take from you to begin with. They can fire every delinquent government worker, cut all the programs you don’t like, close every loophole you can find...and you still won’t find a check in your mailbox for the difference in savings. Am I saying it’s ok for all that stuff to be going on? Heck no. I’m simply saying the energy spent in that area of protest could be better spent stopping the crime that’s committed every payday!
   I can hear it now “...but we need taxes to pay for roads and schools and defense...” I’m talking about the income tax, not all the other taxes that pay for all that stuff. I’m talking about the income tax that’s written as being “voluntary”...but see what happens when you don’t volunteer the money. It gets volunteered for you and you become an example of what not to do.
   “No taxation without representation”...but I’m not being represented, I’m being robbed! Somebody call Batman.


  1. Excellent post! The number and and volume of taxes has grown exponentially in the US since since 1900. We have more taxes now than ever in our country
    s history and he have less money now more than ever as well. Every state is broke our economy is in the shambles our people are weary. I fear that the very reason our country came into being in the first place will be the very way it ends... with war and anger of unfair taxation.

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  3. I do agree with you that there really isn’t much you can do at all because of the automatic deduction of taxes from your payslip. Yes, the government does tend to spend “our” money on things you may not agree on spending for, but can you really take the money back after all that rallying? Of course not. That’s only being realistic. But from where else do we expect for them to get the money from right? It’ll all come from our own pockets just like everything else we personally spend on. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts! I found them very interesting and amusing.

    Sunday Hindman

  4. I know that we’re all working for the money that we need for our personal needs and wants, but the tax that we are obliged to pay give us the reason to cut down our budget. Well, come to think of it, the tax we pay serves as the budget for military defense that keeps us safe. What we pay was the money spent on the national roads that we love to drive on when we go out of town. It may be my money gone to the government’s pockets, but I’m still benefitting from it. And with proper knowledge of paying your tax, you can pay it with ease. :)

    + Wystan Dale +

    1. Well...there are a few responses to that. If we are to believe that our taxes are being used wisely, then we can believe this breakdown of them:

      On the other hand...there is also this:

      The federal income tax is unconstitutional because it is not apportioned as the Constitution clearly states all taxes must be. Second, the 16th Amendment was never ratified according to the procedures as set forth in the Constitution. Third, the income tax (when you read the law) only applies to businesses and corporations. There is nothing in the law that requires an individual to pay a personal income tax.

      The distinction is in legal wording. Income is a legal word that applies to business profits. Earnings is a legal word that applies to wages, etc. based on an individuals labor.

      Even the IRS's own documents substantiate this fact. The IRS clearly states that the income tax, as it applies to an individual, is a voluntary tax. Furthermore, under IRS regulations, it states that the IRS has the authority to seize business property and assets. It has no power to seize personal property or assets.

      But if people want to keep paying taxes that they have no legal need to pay then they can keep paying. The IRS won't stop them.

      The amount of revenue that the IRS generates each year, based on the taxation of personal income, fails to pay for anything in the Federal government budget aside from interest on the national debt.