Saturday, April 30, 2011

Movie Review: "Stone"

   Movies, movies, movies...oh how I enjoy watching movies. I usually indulge myself with a proven genre that works very well for me...action! However, I have a very open mind and frequently immerse myself in great stories and profound dramatic acting. In the final analysis, it really doesn’t matter what genre you choose as your favorite...a great movie is a great movie.
The Cast
   Robert De Niro is one of the great actors of the modern age and it’s always a pleasure to watch his mastery of the craft he brings to the screen. He makes it very easy to lose oneself in his characterization. Edward Norton is, admittedly, one of my favorite actors and I was not disappointed with his performance. Indeed, it was a thrill to watch him play opposite De Niro and see him evolve his character from a hopeless head case into someone that believes in something. Milla Jovovich does a wonderful job rounding out the cast and delivers a performance several grades above the usual flatline roles she depicts in her recent action/horror films.
The Plot: 
   Robert De Niro plays soon-to-retire parole officer, Jack Mabry that only wishes to finish what little cases he has left before he leaves his chosen profession. Far from perfect, Mabry has a past that has scarred his marriage and a lifestyle that has colored the way he perceives the world. Things get real complicated when he gets involved with Lucetta Creeson (Milla Jovovich), wife of convicted felon Gerald ‘Stone’ Creeson (Edward Norton) who is up for parole.
   Stone is a convicted felon desperate for early release and will do anything to get it...including having his wife seduce the decider of his case, Jack Mabry. But the rode to redemption isn’t an easy one and Stone soon finds that his rode is leading him into places he’s never been before. Lucetta will do anything for Stone, but when playing with the fire of the heart, the burning of emotions can scar very deep.
   Everyone is looking for some kind of freedom and the best laid plans are just an excuse for life to assert itself.
The Verdict: 
   This movie is full of great talent and excellent acting that is mired down in a convoluted storyline with a plot that goes awry. Although De Niro does an excellent job of drawing us into Mabry, we never really know him to the extent of feeling any compassion for the deck of cards his life has become. The script doesn’t take us in this direction, nor does it ever make us feel comfortable with the storm-like emotional downpour Lucetta seems to constantly go through.
   Stone is the only character the writing has us care for...and he’s every bit as guilty as he first professes he isn’t. The self discovery journey he takes during this film is a trip he ultimately makes alone as we are left behind because of the shoddy blending style of storytelling. In the end, I was grateful for the performances and wishing the plot was strong enough to compliment them.
   This movie was certainly not my cup of tea and although I am open to different flavors...this movie only gets one cinnamon stick, out of five, in my cup.

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