Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Need Money

   “I need money”…no doubt a phrase uttered by nearly everyone at some time in their life (of course there will always be those few exceptions…bless their hearts). I hear that phrase more and more these days and I’m not sure if it’s due to the economy, or just a personal desire to simply have more. What I am sure of is that anyone pursuing this need to the exclusion of all else has, or will be having, some other important issues very soon (notwithstanding any issues making is necessary for the pursuit to begin with).
   With the economy the way it is, more and more people seem to be in need of more work than is available. At least, that’s how it looks at times. I know folks that have three and four jobs…and looking for another! Let me be clear, my hope is for anyone needing money can find work to get it. Heck, I have a good job and still think I need more money (who doesn’t…really?).

      This post isn’t about our troubled economy (and even if you’re one of the few not having trouble with it, you can be sure others are). This post isn’t about those most in need (although there can never be too much attention on the issue, the quick solution remains our own acts of humanity). No, this post is about those of us that feel this “need” while not recognizing we are filling it, and the detrimental effects of this ignorance.

      I can’t imagine having to work every day of the week…as a permanent schedule. I know some people somewhere have to do it, but I also know there are people doing it, that really don’t have to. Now I chase the dollar as much as the next person (well…obviously, not really), but I also realize that somewhere in this equation I have to factor in my mental health and the time needed for the rest of life that happens outside of work.

      I’ve often contemplated the life of a child that has a parent (or should I now be saying “parents” since both parents having to work has become the staple of our economic times?) working so much that they hardly have any memories of any quality time spent with those they love. Which is greater, the financial gains made or the personal investment lost? I’ve always felt that time is the most precious commodity we have and the proper use of it is the wisest thing we can do. How many parents now regret not spending more time with their children while they were growing up? How many realize they were blinded by their need for money, although they had enough to really cover the “needs?”
   Sometimes we confuse “need” with “want” and other times there is no confusion at all. We simply want and then justify our actions (constantly working) by framing the narrative with “need.”

      This post is meant to reach out to those people that are either confused or just fooling themselves because once time has passed you by, you can’t go back for a do-over. Constant work is personally unhealthy and socially irresponsible for the family. Why set yourself up to be one of those people looking back on your life with regret? And if you are destined to be such, why have this particular issue as one of them?

      We all need money…but life doesn’t start and end with that need, and we shouldn’t make everything in between all about money. Message delivered.

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  1. Excellent. I would add it's one thing that they want us all to be mindless work slaves, it's another to give it to them. Lot of people gonna wake up dead and realize none of it really mattered. We hear about tragic and sudden death every day, and I wonder how many stop and ponder that. Nobody misses the bus. Ever.