Saturday, July 19, 2014

Time Responsibly

   If I had to nail down the most precious commodity afforded man, I would have to say it was time. Within time is where all the possibilities of life ignite. Anyone not thinking of time as “precious” isn’t seeing it for what it is, in my opinion. Once used, it can never be recovered, and for that reason alone I think it should be used thoughtfully and responsibly.

   I do not make any claim that I am perfect (at least I haven’t done so today) so I have, in the past, been an offender guilty of “wasting” time (as much as it’s possible to do). I make the caveat because what one person sees as a waste may not be viewed by everyone in the same way. I think it’s a great use of my time, for example, to sit here and write this post. Others my view my writings as a waste of time (if you are such a person, I do not begrudge your lack of taste).

   I try to make the most of my time…all the time, but I know life is not scripted and one cannot always optimize their schedule. That said, it saddens me to see someone flagrantly abusing their time to their own detriment…especially if it’s someone I care about. Plans don’t always go as…planned, but if one knows that they have an engagement in the future, it makes sense to me that some preparation should be made in advance for that engagement. Maybe I’m missing something here…?

   Perhaps it’s just the curse of youth (listen to me, the “curse.” I certainly didn’t see it that way when I was younger) that time is not seen as the dwindling treasure it is. I know in my youth I thought I was indestructible…and had all the time in the world. Wisdom and experience has shown me that my time is finite, even if time itself is eternal.

   Looking back now, knowing now what I know, I would have certainly taken a more responsible approach to how I spent my time and how I scheduled it. If only they would get that time travel device working…smh. I’ve accepted my experiences as the character builders they were, my frustration is directed toward the youth today that don’t seem to want to benefit from those experiences. I suppose it’s just the vicious cycle most of us seem to be in wherein we think we know better than our parents or feel they don’t have all the answers…only to become parents ourselves and find out they were right, while our children take the same approach to us that we did to them.

   I guess a worse scenario than that is that there are some adults (many in fact) that have not learned to “time responsibly” and still apply themselves to it like children. I can only imagine the long list of tragic events and calamity that could have been avoided by so many had some thought and consideration been given to how time was spend and scheduled.

   I try to make every day a productive one, but I also try to make every day an enjoyable one. A day filled with all work, while  productive, isn’t really enjoyable (unless your job is to play) while a day filled with all joy, can be extremely productive, especially if you love what you do. There is an “all work and no play” saying lurking here somewhere, but the point is that if time is being used responsibly, it all gets done…and the joy of life isn’t sacrificed in the process.

   I’m hoping this has been imbedded and resonates within myself…and manifests as an example to the rest of the world…heck, I’ll settle for just being an example to my children, and leave the “world changing” to them.

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