Monday, February 24, 2014

The Perfect Person

   The perfect person. Do you think such a person really exists? I’m not talking from a religious point of view (I’m sure Jesus Christ was the first thought for many) but from the point of view that you look at someone and think…"wow, that’s perfection."

   An obvious response to that question from men would probably be every time a Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition is available, or from women perhaps the People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive…but how often does that happen in everyday life with real people? How often does that reaction happen while you’re shopping, or getting gas, or out getting a bite to eat? 

It probably doesn’t happen very often in our everyday travels quite the same way it does when we look at celebrities or models, but I’m willing to bet you might view certain attributes of other people and give them the “perfection” label. I’m also probably talking more to men now than women…but since I don’t think like a woman (I really can’t), I have no way of knowing exactly what they think about.

   Maybe they do look at a man and think his hair is perfect, or his teeth, or his shoulders. I’ve heard women comment about looking at a man’s crotch and judging the bulge…so who am I to say how far down the rabbit hole the thoughts of women go when discussion or thinking about men.

 I know how men think. I know men see women all the time that have some semblance of perfection. They have a perfect face, perfect breasts, perfect buttocks, perfect lower half, perfect upper half, perfect body, perfect eyes…it happens. At this point I’d expect any woman reading this to become self conscious of how they look (as if you aren’t always), but I assure you I’m going somewhere with this.

   Where I’m going is some place you’ve always been, but might never knew you were at. Many of us look at ourselves and see only the flaws, or at the very least, see areas we think could use some improvement. Very few of us, if anyone (but there has to be someone…the odds don’t favor a vacuum) see themselves as absolutely perfect. That said, I’m betting that most of us have been looked at by another, and even if not thought of as being a perfect package, have had some attribute thought of as perfect. It might not even be a physical one, but something about us…something about everyone, is seen as “perfect.”

I know it’s a bold statement to make, and many reading this are waiting for me to back it up. Well, wait no longer because the math on this is real easy. There are seven billion of us sharing this planet, all diverse in our thinking, diverse in our particular taste…all beholding beauty as seen through our own eyes.

   Perfection isn’t some unwavering standard we all share, but more of a ambiguous preference we each have at any given moment. This makes all of us “perfect” people in the eyes of someone else at some time in our life…even if it’s through the eyes of our parents the day we were born.

So the next time you look in the mirror and think what you are seeing can’t possibly appeal to someone else, think again. The next time you see someone looking at you for a second longer than usual and think to yourself that they must be critiquing you…or perhaps they’re just weird (both of which could be true, at the same time even), it might just be that they are taking a few extra moments to view perfection.

   So go ahead and make whatever improvements will make you happy with yourself, but also know that you are perfect…just the way you are, and will continue to be perfect when you become the way you want to be.

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