Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Universal Plan

   I often wonder if I’m the only victim of the Universal Plan. No, I’m not talking about healthcare...although half the country feels prosecuted while the other half considers themselves saved. I’m talking about how every now and then it feels as if the universe is plotting against you with the most devious plan ever. It feels like no matter what you wanted to accomplish, calamity has become the order of the day, and the universe is only too eager to deliver. Ever have one of those days?

   Days like these are becoming far too common for me. Perhaps it’s my own attitude and perspective on things? I’d be remiss if I didn’t consider the possibility that it’s really not the universe, it’s just me. Now that I’ve considered it...I’m convinced it’s the universe. So here I am giving a voice to my concerns in the hopes that it will be the beginning of a positive change. Think of this post as me meeting someone I think might be dangerous, so I arrange the meeting in a public place in hopes of deterring a potentially bad situation. Yep...just me sitting here exposing the universe in public hoping to be the monkey wrench in another diabolical plan.

   I know there are some that stopped this ride at the suggestion that it might be me, and the universe is really benign. Let me just say...stop that. I have proof, good evidence that there are other machinations afoot here. Take for example, the day you were in a rush to get to work because the alarm clock never went off (even though you set it) and, on what normally should be a clear path to drudgedom, there is instead, an intense and unearthly traffic jam. How about that time nature (carefully disguised as the universe) called while you were at work, forcing your body to answer...and just as you burst into the restroom in what can only be described as “a moment most dire”...every stall is occupied. Still don’t think nature (the universe in disguise) had nothing to do with the stalls on your floor being occupied by people from another floor? Why? “Your bathroom has better soap.” that’s not part of this universal conspiracy.

   I could go on (because there is so much more), but somebody reading this is thinking that I’m simply talking about bad luck. Yeah...right, bad luck happens here and there, but when it becomes a never-ending train in a state of constant wreck...that’s calamity, that’s universal planning. It will have you really considering if the Matrix really exists, and you just ended up in that part of it they didn’t show in the movie...the part where the machines sit and play domino with your life.

   Maybe the universe is really as sick and twisted as some of humanity's manifestations and the grand plan is just an experiment to see how much you can take before going critical. So occasionally you pop the cork and let off some steam, and the universe giggles. Then it starts up again in hopes that it can finally get you in a changed state more suitable to it’s needs (don’t even bother contemplating the needs of the universe). 

   Through all of this, changes certainly happen...some good, and some bad (as is the nature of change). Perhaps this is the plan (or part of it) to have some us look in the mirror, and not recognize the face looking back. To be in a state of turmoil and disarray, or even giving a perception of such a state (while in fact you might be finally figuring things out) that society gives you an unflattering label. Perhaps this isn’t the plan at all but the result of a failed plan? In any case, I maintain the universe has diabolical machinations.

   A response is required (imo) even though a reaction is guaranteed. I prefer my response and reaction to be the same...something along the lines of showing the universe that the plan is puny, I’m not amused...and resistance to my will is futile.

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