Monday, March 25, 2013

The Weirdo

   Tell me if you’ve seen this person around. They are very nice and a great conversationalist...except for the fact that they contemplate the strangest things. I’m into the latest fashion, the office gossip, the most recent score of my favorite team, what happened on the newest episode of the latest reality television show...and they bring up some craziness about being able to predict someone's driving habit based on the kind of car they drive. Really? Like who really cares about stuff like that?

I do.

   I make my own fashion based off wearing whatever I like. The office gossip is just a skewed replay of events that already happened or may happen, that don’t involve me. Sports are a great diversion, but once the event is over, there’s little left to say that will have any impact on the outcome. Reality television is less “real” than people think, and has little effect on my day-to-day struggles.

   Now...knowing who is going to do what as I navigate the roads in my journey’s to and from here and there? Very useful information since my own personal driving preference is aggressive, bordering on “transporter-ish.” Yes, be very concerned when you get in my car and I ask you “How much do you weigh?” The experience will be thrilling to say the least, just don’t wet my seats.

   It seems whenever mainstream society (I say mainstream because certain thoughts seem to be at odds with the mass majority) is confronted with an idea not in-step with the current trending attitude, the proper designation for said idea is “weird.” Anyone doing this on a somewhat regular basis...a “weirdo.” I’ve come to embrace the term actually. It’s a badge of uniqueness that separates me from the herd. In the choice between being one of the sheep, or being a wolf...I choose to be an eagle, soaring above it all, metaphorically speaking.

   So yes, I’ve chosen to study driving patterns and how they relate to the mindset of an individual based on the chosen type of vehicle. This has led to a rather accurate read on how a person navigates the road, just based of the type of car they have chosen to drive. It’s useful information to me as I navigate the road, with other people on it.

   I’ve also chosen to indulge in the study of thinking patterns, to identify possibly troubling states of mind...or brilliance (depending on how you look at it). A good example of this is a story I once heard that culminates in a simple question, with a not-so-simple answer (for most). It goes like this:

   There is a woman who’s mother passes away. At the funeral of her mother, she sees a man and falls in love with him ( at first sight). She never has an opportunity during the funeral to speak with this she doesn’t have any information about him, and asking around has not produced any answers. A few days later, the woman goes to visit her sister to see how she is doing after the passing of their mother. During the visit, the woman shoots and kills her sister.


   Now...the common response to this question is “who thinks of stuff like that?” followed by the inevitable “weirdo.” The truth is, stuff like this is very telling in the exploration of the answer and careful attention should be paid to anyone that gets the correct answer. It’s the fine line between a troubled mind and a brilliant one. Of course...the wrong answer just means you’re normal, and there’s nothing at all wrong with that...unless you aspire to be an eagle.

   So the next time you see this person around...this weirdo, remember that their weirdness is simply your inability to transcend your own world bubble...and they don’t hold it against you.

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