Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crash Against Me and Be Broken

Life is replete with unexpected situations...some a great source of joy...others a prelude to pain. When faced with the latter, stand tall and strong asking life the only question that really matters: "Is that all u got?". Be the rock that withstands the water, be the mountain that endures the wind.
What would life be worth if everything came easy? We all dream of better days and simple solutions, but the universe doesn't always consult us before changing the tide of life. Being human is our greatest blessing and the root of our fragile nature. Often times to endure, we must become more than we ever wanted to be or less than we thought possible. For those that cannot make this adjustment, the purity of oblivion often engulfs their world.
In every situation, there are only two directions from which to approach: strength and weakness. Ambiguity as an option only lets other forces decide the direction. All things being equal, the path of least resistance is usually the default and not much fortitude is required to travel it. However, to travel along the other path, either by choice or circumstance, one must embrace an unyielding nature to have any hope that the universe might notice.
Life is choice...whether you want it to be or not. We must all choose for ourselves, even if that means letting others or circumstance choose for us. I choose to be that rock that sits on the eternal shore. I choose to face every wave that crashes against me...looking toward the next before the first has even finished breaking. I choose to be that mountain among the everlasting clouds...enduring the cutting wind and becoming more embolden with every chip. I choose to have the fragile nature of my humanity to be an illusion, unseen and unnoticed until challenged.
These words loom before all as a reminder to be considered or dismissed. There are many aspects to our existence...some lay within our power to control...many do not. To all such circumstances looming outside of my influence seeking a suitable course for collision, I affirm daily: crash against me and be broken!


  1. We all dream of better days and simple solutions, but the universe doesn't always consult us before changing the tide of life. - this is true. Whether you like it or not, you will wind directions because of the changes the world has brought people, but you don't have to be bent.

  2. Spoken with great courage and bravado. Although sometimes you have to bend in order not to break.