Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In This Corner...

   In a departure from our normal posts (whatever passes for normal here that is) I’d like to give some thought to an analysis of a match up that has sparked hours of debate and heated argument. Many may not be familiar with this niche subject matter, but I encourage all to get familiar with it and join the conversation. It starts with a simple question: Who would win in a fight between Batman and Captain America? It ends in a simple answer: Captain America. It gets complicated when trying to determine why he would win...well, complicated for some. It’s quite easy for others.

   It’s good to have at least a basic understanding of both characters. Batman is the world’s greatest detective, Captain America is the ultimate soldier. Within those titles are layers of abilities and skills that make these two heroes icons. Batman fans will cite the plethora of combat skills he is a master of...bordering on insane as he is almost just as good in areas that have been mastered by others considered to be the best. For example...he is almost as good at archery as Green Arrow. He is second only to Mister Miracle as an escape artist. One of the worlds top intellects and martial arts combatants. His skills set reads like an ingredients list for the ultimate man.

   Captain America fans will cite the Super Soldier Serum...and all the benefits it conveys. It was more of a process than just a serum, but it made Captain America the pinnacle of human development physically and in certain mental processes. He is known for being the world’s best tactician and strategist, a leader second to none...and like his opponent, one of the world’s best martial artists. His skill set is also very impressive.

So would win...and why? 

   A question like this will get you a complete list of all their skills, feats of strength, noteworthy acts in various issues...and all of it just won’t matter. Yes, that’s won’t matter. Understand, this question is no longer hypothetical and there is ample evidence (of the best kind) to definitively answer this question. All conjecture goes out the window when both companies have published both characters together...facing off.

   They have met three times in publication (four if you count the unpublished art of the first JLA/Avengers published in Avengers/JLA Compendium). There has only be an outright winner in Marvel versus DC #3, where Batman defeated Captain a fan voted outcome (so really, this should be summarily dismissed). There has since been a reprint of various compiled crossovers wherein it shows Captain America winning the fight, but this errant book is the only source showing this as the original book and all official information sources cite Batman as the winner. Only hardcore Captain America fans stand by the anomaly.

   The other two sources, “Batman & Captain America” and “JLA/Avengers #2” were done by the industry, and thus is an accurate representation of how these two would interact. In both, these characters have been shown to be absolutely equal in personal combat skill. They even share the same thoughts on the skill of each other in “Batman & Captain America” doesn’t get anymore equal than that.

   In both of these encounters, Batman is the one to suggest an alternative to continuing to fight (shown to be a lost cause since neither has skill enough to best the other) and advance the story. Had both fights continued to their conclusion...that conclusion would be a victory for Captain America, not based on a greater fighting skill (it’s already been shown his is equal to Batman), but by the factor of fatigue.

   Fatigue...the linchpin that decides the bout. Batman will get tired, Captain America will not since the Super Soldier Serum eliminates fatigue toxins from his system. There are those that will not accept this in the Batcave and say Batman is the superior fighter. There are others in Avengers Mansion that will swear by Captain America being the ultimate fighter...but in the end, the truth is when these two come together, they are consistently shown as equally skilled...and the only real edge is in which one would out last the other.

   The evidence of the publications, and the use of some well placed logic is hard to overcome...and the absence of the acknowledgment of such is hard to justify. Bias will inevitably rear it's ugly head, but at least it will be readily identifiable in the face of the facts. I’m a Batman fan, but when faced with an opponent that can match up and doesn’t get tired, it’s only a matter of time before he falls. Now...let the debates begin!


  1. In a hand to hand fight, with no gadgets or gizmos, Captain America would leave Batman bloodied and broken and it would be over in under three minutes. Cap has ten times the speed and twice the strength. The super soldier serum gives Steve Rogers the ultimate victory. Before batman could land a blow Cap would be on his inside breaking ribs, and easily busting a jaw. Caps power, speed and skill is simply too much for the Batman. The outcome is just too obvious.

    1. All their encounters HAVE been without gadgets or gizmos...and every time they have been shown to be of equal skill and ability, INCLUDING strength and speed. So...the BOOKS disagree with your assessment, and the books are the final word on the matter.

      You are right about one thing though...with the Super Soldier Serum, Cap won't get tired, and will eventually win when Batman gets tired.

  2. In a hand to hand match up with no gadgets or gizmos, Captain America would leave Batman broken and bloodied, and it wouldn't even go three minutes. The super soldier serum makes cap 10 times faster and twice as strong. If their fighting capabilities are supposedly equal, the speed, strength and endurance gives the victory to Steve Rogers. Before Batman could land the first punch, Cap would be inside breaking ribs and a jaw before Batman could even react. Steve Rogers speed and power give cap the obvious victory over the Batman. Its not even a contest!

    1. The Super Soldier Serum makes Cap a PEAK human. He is not ten times faster than Batman or twice as strong. Each character's official bio makes your statement false.

      I have documented all their encounters...and speed and strength have not gone to Cap as having the edge. Both speed and strength have been shown to be about equal (as the bio's support).

      The ONLY advantage Cap has is endurance (from the Super Soldier Serum).

      Again...what I am saying is DOCUMENTED by EVERY encounter they have ever had. What you are saying is just fandom ranting...not in any way supported by any encounter they have had.

      I suggest you defer to the ultimate sources in this matter...the actual comics that all of this comes from.