Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Friend Ship

   Never having a true friend is sad. Having a true friend and not realizing it is worse. Having a true friend and knowing it, yet losing this rarest of gems is a complete tragedy. Reflect on your life. If you find it is a tragedy...write a play.
   The Friend Ship sails in and out of our lives at various stages of our existence. For some, the sad truth is, it never docks at their port. Others see the ship docked and never know what wonderful blessings are in its cargo hold. Yet there are others that know very well what this ship carries...and allow it to sail away to parts unknown. A callous act that often leads to a future assignment on the USS Regret.
   There are those that would try to sink the Friend Ship...monsters disguised as people with the purpose of chaos and turmoil. Worse still are those that confuse the Friend Ship with the Titanic, and think the ship to be unsinkable. They party all day and all night and never give a thought to the dangerous waters on which they sail.

There are millions of stories that could be told about this magnificent ship...and all of them would be true. Where this ship has been is the stuff of legend. Where it is going is the ever present question every passenger aboard should be asking. With the fuel of love, hope and dreams...there is no telling where it might make port next.

   Knowing what is now known about this incredible vessel...ask yourself: Has the Friend Ship ever docked at my port? Is the Friend Ship docked there now? Has the Friend Ship set sail...and left me behind? If it has never docked at your should keep an eagle eye out because sometimes it comes amidst the fog and is not easily seen. If the Friend Ship is currently docked at your your best to realize the opportunity placed before you and beg, borrow and steal to get on board.

If the Friend Ship has set sail without you aboard, then you have become the subject of study through theatre in the genre of tragedy. At the very least, you can be a catalyst for others not to miss the incredible journey the Friend Ship offers. However, if the universe flinches and the stars align just might become that rare tale of legend that speaks of the ship's return...

...but when was the last time you saw the universe flinch?

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