Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Guidance Goes A Long Way

   As I look around at all the empty spaces and hear all the stories of friends and friends of friends out of work, looking for something stable to pay the bills, I give pause to the idea that the recession is over. Many people still don’t fully understand what a recession is (page 9). Technical understanding of the event aside, there are many people that have intimate knowledge of the effect the current economy has had in their lives. They are living the answer to “What now” (page 19) everyday as best they can. For those that don’t have to ponder this question daily, another question is being asked: Will 2011 bring with it another Great Recession?
   A quick Google search will net a trove of information on the subject. This question is being asked and answered by economists that eat, sleep and breath economic trends...and the consensus isn’t roses and apple pie. This is the very reason we don’t like to talk about doesn’t smell good when we breath in the reality. It doesn’t taste good when we swallow the truth. With so much progress gained and so much more to reach for, it feels like a step back to have to be diligent in covering the basics (page 24). However, if you ask anyone that has gone through a recent job loss or a recent foreclosure, the step back some are fearing is the step forward they are trying to take.
   There are those that will be reading this and looking toward the stock market as their indicator of the coming economic climate. They may not even realize how fortunate they are to even be in a position where the trend of the market has tangible effect on the quality of their life. Although a recession will hit all of us differently, the question still has to be asked by those watching the stock market and those looking for savings at the supermarket.
   Even though I’ve heard it said that we are out of the recession, the reality is that the chaos and mayhem manifested as job loss, home foreclosure and lifestyle reduction continue to linger on with new cases everyday. For anyone that came through this having fallen in the pit of tough times and climbed out again, the prospect of going back isn’t welcome news. Where is the silver lining for anyone living in Colorado (page 66), Florida (page 74), Georgia (page 76), Nevada (page 113) and Utah (page 145) where economic stress didn’t ease at all for all of 2010?
   It seems to me that standing around watching the clouds roll in and simply waiting for a storm to wet you doesn’t make much sense. Thinking outside the box (page 48) to stay ahead of any economic storm, and staying dry after it hits by having creative ways to save money and generate income seems to be a preferable option to just getting soaked. 

   I didn’t always listen to the wise words of my elders growing up, only to find myself echoing those same words to a younger generation. With my increased age came a little more wisdom...and now I realize that a little guidance goes a long way.

All page references are from the bookSurvivor’s Guide to a Recession: 50 States
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  1. I sat with a young man today and we discussed present and future goals. I was pleased to see that he was eager to learn from what I have been able to gather all these years.

    I owe it to the younger generation. For so long I have said, "No one was able to give me the guidance I so required."

    It is my duty to impart that guidance I needed to those around me. They can take it or let it alone.

  2. I remain optimistic that your wisdom is accepted by all given the opportunity to benefit from it.