Monday, March 28, 2016

FDA Approved

   I’m shocked that in this age of information that is readily available and streaming out of every orifice, the words “FDA approved” actually still means something to anyone. What sort of security or peace of mind could those words possibly convey in light of the history of the FDA and the approvals they have issued?

   I was recently at an event about Lupus, for support, and as I sat and absorbed the information given by many doctors about the different aspects of this disease, one of them touted FDA approval for some new drugs. Yes…”touted,” as in it really means something that the FDA will approve the use of a drug.

   Anyone reading this and thinking in agreement with that doctor, let me turn your attention to the plethora of commercials (I know you’ve seen them) from law offices asking if you or a loved one has suffered or died from (insert drug here). You know the ones I’m talking about. Well…each and every single one of those drugs was approved by the FDA!

   I have been wise to the corporate machine (yes, even the FDA is part of the machine) for awhile now. “Politics in Healing” was an eye opener for me after my mom passed away in 2000 and was my first introduction to the medical world as it really is, and not how I had liked it to be. I was neck deep in the propaganda fed to us by the media and had built a world view synonymous with the picture painted for me.

   Fortunately for me I was able to leave the Matrix and was strong enough to handle the transition. Many are all too happy to remain ignorant and thus do so willfully. For example, if I told you over 100,000 people die from prescription medication each year, would you believe me, or continue to trust the approval of the FDA? There are many sources of this information available but if you’re a devout believer in the FDA, then believe them now (probably the closest they’ll ever get to telling the truth) as they post some numbers on their own site. 

   I have no doubt the numbers they give are scaled down because I know their history and understand their relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. Yes…I said “relationship.” See, when it’s a common practice for big time execs to retire from their company and go to work for the FDA (and vise-versa), what you have is a working relationship that really doesn’t work in the best interest of the people.

“Relationships between the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry have led to a “revolving door,” in which pharmaceutical executives go to work for the FDA, making regulatory decisions on matters affecting their industry and sometimes even their own former companies. When their time at the FDA is over, they go back to higher-paying jobs in the industry.” - The FDA’s Cozy Little Relationship

   The words “FDA approved” have absolutely no meaning for me beyond the fact that whatever I’m reading those words on has gone through their “process” of approval. It doesn’t mean the product is safe, I don’t feel a sense of bolstered comfort, and it doesn’t sway me to use that product over one that that says it’s claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.

   That’s just me though.

   In the end, I would encourage everyone to do their own due diligence on the subject and make whatever decision they feel is right for them…because I can assure you someone else is doing it for you in your observational absence. 

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