Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Child Support Tragedy

   Don’t let the title fool you. Are deadbeat dads a problem in our society? Yup, they certainly are. However this post is not about those individuals that would call themselves “men” while shirking their known responsibility, nor is about the unfortunate circumstantial victims that have no knowledge of the fact they have passed on their genetic code. Nor is it about the men that are victimized by a woman unwilling to let a man be a father to his child. See…I don’t know anything about all that, so I won’t speak of it.

   I was a father at 18 and upon finding out such news, there was never a question in my mind about what I was going to do. Not having even met my own father until I was in my mid twenties, I grew up with the mindset that real men are fathers. Now many years later I have raised four more children in addition to the first, and have learned enough to offer some insight into some of the challenges of parenting. I’ve tackled the question of parenting being a role or responsibility, discussed the different parenting philosophies of either being a teacher or Santa Claus, and even weighed in on the issue of spanking. So you see, I don’t know anything about being a deadbeat dad.

   The tragedy I speak of comes from a recent story I came across that absolutely blew my mind. A man from Detroit, Michigan named Carnell Alexander has been accused of owing more than $30,000 in unpaid child support. I wouldn’t bat an eye at this if he were really a deadbeat dad, but the rub in all this is that he is not even a father!

   The court system (such as it is) is telling this man to pay up the money or face going to jail. Now I’ve blogged about some of the madness that can come from the judge’s bench, and this is just another variety of it (although it always seems to involve fathers). It just seems as though nobody has enough common sense to figure this situation out…and then they (the government/court system) has the nerve to wonder why we (sensible people) don’t trust them.

   The mother of the child has admitted (on camera) she put Mr. Alexander’s name down because there had to be a name for the father in order for her to receive benefits from the state (I won’t even get started on this tomfoolery). DNA tests have confirmed, conclusively, that Mr. Alexander is NOT the father of the child. So tell me dear reader, what sense does it make to threaten this man with jail and poverty for a situation he had absolutely nothing to do with?

   This is the child support tragedy I speak of. It’s tragic that this man is faced with such consequences when there are real deadbeat dads more deserving of this hammer. It’s tragic that we are governed  by such “brilliant” minds that can’t figure out who is really to blame and should be punished. I can only hope an innocent man is not victimized by the bureaucratic idiocy once again and he is afforded the chance to continue his pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness…such as it is in these troubling times.


  1. Wow, this does seem like a travesty of justice. What good could it possibly do this child to have a man that is not his father, and likely quite bitter, paying the child support? It seems as though it would be better to have the actual father in the picture. They need to work harder to find that man.

    Terry Wagner @ Michael Jeffries Law