Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NFL: Not Functioning Logically

   If someone could explain to me the madness that has seemed to recently grip some NFL players, I would greatly appreciate it. I can’t seem to figure all this out. I know football is a violent sport, and I know those that play it are only human (even if they are grossly overpaid for the “job”) but there has to be some trace of reason in the recent rash of madness spreading around.
   I have a theory on all of this, but even should it prove to be true, it doesn’t at all absolve anyone for the heinous acts of violence perpetrated on those unable to mount a proper defense. To be clear, I’m talking about the actions of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.
   Rice, in a fit of rage, knocked his wife (then fiancé) out…completely. Dragging her later was just insult to injury, but let’s focus on what trigger can possibly set him off to engage her as if she were a man of equal size and ability. It’s safe to say he reached critical mass and did not endeavor to let it out before things reached their pinnacle in the elevator. I’m not even going to get into the initial official reaction of the NFL on the matter, they seem to be just as illogical as Rice.

   What boggles my mind are those people blaming the wife for being knocked out…as if Rice had no other choice than to administer maximum force. Worse still are those saying the wife deserved it for raising her hands to him. While I’ll agree that a woman should never hit a man, doing so doesn’t automatically make it alright to go for the fifth round knock-out. As shocking as these sentiments are, it gets worse when you find out that much of this is coming from other women. I guess there are even exceptions to the unity of women.
   Now Rice is facing the loss of his job (which could, in fact, be partly a catalyst for all of this, but more on that later).
   If I say Adrian Peterson spanks his children, it would be like saying Antarctica is a little chilly. Seriously, the pictures of the marks left on his four year old son were excessive. Any sane and reasonable person can see that (and I’m not claiming to be neither sane nor reasonable). There is nothing a four year old can do (besides what all four year old do) to justify such a level of “discipline.” Peterson is just not functioning logically.

   Nothing illustrates this more than his reaction after the fact. Most people are appalled by the marks left on his son. If he can look at them and not have a similar reaction, then I submit that all the candles are not burning upstairs for Adrian.  

   I really don’t know why these guys have done what they did (and don’t even get me started on Aaron Hernandez), but I’ll wager now that steroid use might have some culpability here. It’s fact that such use can make a person more susceptible to flying off into rage…and at the very least, not engage the higher intelligence it’s assumed was given to them by the divine (but now I’m not so sure). I could be wrong about that, but I’m certainly right when I say that the level of violence used by these two is absolutely unacceptable, and that point needs to be driven home with the NFL (and the courts) behind the wheel. 

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