Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Comic Book Fanatic

   Anyone can be a fanatic about anything they choose, as long as they have enough passion to blind all reasoning and logic, fanaticism is within their grasp. Being an avid reader of comic books, I’m involved heavily in the genre and can tell you that this subject, like most others, is inundated with people steeped in passion…and little else.

   I’m always amazed at how adamant fans become, despite any printed evidence contradicting their position. I really can’t judge them too harshly, I used to be just like them…until I grew up (a relative sentiment considering the subject at hand). I suppose it’s better to say I matured in the genre of comic books and realized that it’s all good…and I like a lot of different stuff.

   There are still those that staunchly stand on one side of the line or the other, meaning they are avid fans of DC or rabid fans of Marvel. I suppose somebody should tell them that there are other comic companies out there making some really great books, but the likelihood of that message penetrating their fanatical force field is slim to none. 

   I always find it amusing when I debate certain character match ups because a fan can never hide their bias. It’s impossible for them to hide…they have too much passion, and not enough evidence. A classic match up that surfaces seemingly every other week is Batman versus Captain America. Now, there are fans on both sides of this discussion, but when the evidence is presented, it seems like only the Captain America fans lose their minds. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong in being patriotic, but what real weight does that carry in such a character discussion?

   I won’t re-hash the fine points that particular discussion always presents, I’ll just point you here…and you can read it for yourself. Now…this is the funny part, after acknowledging Captain America will eventually beat Batman (with the caveat that the only chance Batman has at winning is using gas), Captain America fans hit the ceiling. I should be specific and not paint all Cap fans like this, but the few that were debating me made everyone look bad. I should also note that once you don’t accept their passion as fact, be prepared to be labeled a “fan” even though the only position being taken is that of…the comics themselves.

   For these fanatics, nothing less than Captain America beating Batman in two punches or less will do. When presented with a plethora of evidence why this would not happen, they lose their minds and post memes…completely irrelevant scans designed to attack the person, not the position. When they realize a true debater and scholar of the material won’t be swayed by stupidity, an attempt is made to engage the material again. The problem here is when there is no higher evidence to support your position…your position is just, lost.

   I think they are lost from the very beginning since they are arguing that Captain America would win…and I’m agreeing with them (while acknowledging a specific scenario that could effect the outcome).

   This phenomenon can be seen by any rabid fan of any character, who is not willing to engage their higher reasoning. Thor versus Superman is another classic match up that exposes the fans. Unlike the Batman/ Captain America scenario…this match up has a lot more variables and isn’t easily concluded. The only fact (that Thor fans never want to acknowledge) is that they have fought before, and Thor lost.

   There are a plethora of reasons why a second fight simply would not go down like the first…but fans don’t want any parts of the facts. Simply trying to get them to realize Thor can be speed blitzed, and Superman has the kind of speed to do it leads to all sorts of shenanigans…even posting a scan of Thor fighting at light speed (a favorite scan of rabid Thor fans) which really isn’t that at all. Thor cannot fight at super speed, his opponent cannot fight at super speed…and the entire context of the picture was their fight breaking into a room where an experiment to slow down the speed of light was taking place. See, a true fan doesn’t do any of the research, they just want their favorite character to win.

   I too am a true fan…just not fanatical about any particular character, but just about comic books in general. I accept the good (those things about the characters I like) and the bad (those things that I think really suck…like Orion getting beat like a baby seal by the Silver Surfer). Maybe I’ve become a Vulcan in my old age, but unmitigated passion just seems so…human.

   Comic books inspire us and jumpstart the imagination. They ignite passion and can be the catalyst for lifelong friendships and new acquaintances. Everyone seems to be a fan of something at sometime be it sports, music, movies…why not comics?

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