Sunday, March 20, 2011

Learn to Drive With One Hand...Because You’ll Need the Other to Pay for Gas!

   Don’t panic. The economy is fine. Everything is going well. no attention to the rising price of gas. no attention to the absolute ridiculousness that is going on all around you, for if you did, you might be outraged. You might actually get mad enough or become fearful enough to do something about it...and you know that just can’t be allowed. So for now, just learn to drive with one hand and have your pain medication ready when it comes time to fill the gas tank up again. The attendant has become quite proficient at lopping off hands which is good news...since other appendages are soon to follow.
   Really though, am I the only one that finds the rising price of gas to be...well, just plain stupid? I understand capitalism and fully get the concept of supply and demand, but I’m also a very practical person and can sometimes think my way out of a paper bag. Big Oil (say it with a deep voice and ominous feeling) is going to lose money this year. They are not going to make as much as they did last year or worse, they won’t make the projected profits they predicted the year earlier. In truth, neither one of these scenarios is going to happen because we, the consumers, will continue to consume in the face of sheer madness.
   Billions are being made from gas. Yes,...billions, with a “B.” Heaven forbid Big Oil (keep saying it with a deep voice and ominous feeling) makes only nine hundred billion this year instead of eight hundred and fifty-billion. The world would cease to rotate at that point and all life on earth would simply vanish!
Give me a break. No,...really, give me a break! Greed is one of the great banes of humanity and those sustaining the level of “filthy rich” at the pump are crossing the line and moving into just plain filthy. I could bash the industry all day, but that would hardly be fair because much of the responsibility for these ludicrous gas prices falls on the shoulders of John Q.!
   Ok, if we demand the supply, then they will demand the price...and we will pay it, so long as we compromise our dignity like an addict chasing that first rush. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. The bad news is...well, it is this way. Until we collectively take back our dignity and send a clear message to those all too willing play the role of the petroleum pusher...we’re screwed. I suggest we reverse the roles...and bring them to their knees instead.
   The only thing that will get the attention of Big Oil (no need for the ominous feeling or deep voice since they won’t be so big when we’re done with them) is to hit them where it the profit margin. So lets seriously consider carpooling, van sharing, walking, riding bikes, and public transportation. I could get deep with all of these ideas but I already have to the tune of seven be sure to check all the links below. I will say that if enough of us have had enough and are ready to get serious about lifting this particular monkey off out collective back, then that is the way to do it. Need I also mention that with the nice weather fast approaching, walking and biking serve as another way to meet any fitness goal that suddenly appears with the sun.
   As a final note, I’ll say that the government (back to the deep voice) caters to the interests of the corporations, not the people, on this issue. There are alternatives to the current use of fossil fuel, but we all know (or should by now) that money talks and everything else, including the consumer, walks. Any threat to the status quo will be a long time coming without a tidal of public support.

   Just remember, if after you read all this, you go back to business as usual and don’t make any kind of change to change the way things are...then the next time you’re at the pump and they’re pulling out the machete for one of your feet as payment and you’re angrily wondering who is to blame for leaving you with one hand and one foot...there are two side mirrors and one rear view mirror that you can look in find the complacent bastich that didn’t do their part.

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