Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Problem and The Solution are The Same Coin

   Not enough people caring enough about other people...THAT is the problem.
There are many situations and issues we deal with, read about, or watch others deal with that we erroneously think is the actual problem...when in fact they are just a product of a single underlying deficiency.
   The world is a rough place to be and it doesn’t look like it’s going to become any less of a rough place anytime soon. People shuffle and push their way from one event to another, blasting through situations and leaving little in the form of concern, in their wake. If ever we took the time to examine ourselves and our effect on the world around us, indeed, if we cared enough to even make such an effort...I think we would find that there simply isn’t enough of us caring enough about those around us. The examination though, would only be the beginning and we would have to continue to care enough to actually do anything to reverse our findings...and change our world from what it is, to what we lament it isn’t.
   For some, “change” is a dirty word and invokes fear of losing comfortability and familiarity. Instead of fear though, we should apply understanding...and realize that life itself is change, and since change cannot be avoided, it should be embraced as a universal constant. This knowledge should actually empower us to invoke the changes we want to get the results we seek. 
   We seek to solve a least, we should. Many of us, far too many of us, simply voice our distaste while leaving the problem for others to solve...or worse still, defeat ourselves by conceding that our nature is to blame and our higher intellect is powerless to mount any kind of opposition. The truth is...lack of caring equals to little more than cowardice. We are afraid to put ourselves on the line for another. The extent of our fear is so great that even the smallest concession often escapes us.
   We are all well aware of the extremes presented to us...from heinous acts of unbelievable acts of charity. How aware are we of everything else in between? Sure, we might stop to help someone in an accident...but do we think twice as we cut them off in road rage because we have somewhere to be and couldn’t care less about their scheduling conflict. Perhaps a small act of caring might get us both where we want to go...and not possibly cause the accident we then, might feel compelled to help. Maybe we’ll just “rubberneck” as we drive by...thinking that someone else will help...or at least dial 911.
   What would happen, if we started to understand that “someone else” is actually us? Perhaps we would no longer be outraged when we here of a woman beaten to death in broad daylight by a sick excuse for a human...because we would be one of the fifty bystanders that didn’t just stand by, but put boots to head and attached accountability to an egregious act. Perhaps the police could return to real community service since policing ourselves just leaves them to come pick up the trash and haul it away to jail. Perhaps real examples of unity, responsibility and respect will be passed to our youth and a “brighter day” will cease to be a slogan, but instead be the logical progression of our society.
   We don’t need extreme examples to achieve this because opportunities to show another that you have the courage to actually care present themselves all the time in our everyday hustle. I bet if you sit back and recount your day carefully, you will find some examples. Perhaps you passed on the chance because there was no immediate benefit to you...but if enough people cared enough about other people, THAT would be a solution and the repercussive benefits to yourself would be well worth the effort.

Just a thought.


  1. Good job on the Kreative Discussions my favorite is "The Problem and The Solution are The Same Coin"...Too often we are so involved in our own problems that we no longer have any sort of empathy for our human fellows that we move on to our own rage. That in all reality if we took the time to show sympathy that second would be more rewarding than sinking ourselves in our misery... Keep up the writting

  2. Thank you Lily....:-) I agree with you 100%.

  3. Well said! If only we cared a little more, the world would be a much better place.