Saturday, October 29, 2016

Land of the Free (Politically Enslaved)

   The “land of the free and home of the brave” is an expression associated with America, but have you ever stopped to wonder who the free and the brave really are? Freedom is a subjective term and bravery is more than putting yourself physically in the line of fire. When it comes to our political system, there is very little freedom and the brave are those that seek to challenge the status quo machine.

   This election cycle has exposed the American people to their own folly by flaunting a rigged system in front of them with no consequences. I’m not talking about the rigging Trump is talking about, I’m talking about the rigging he is actively a part of. We live in a country that is dominated by two parties…but was never intended to have simply a two party political system.

   It’s absolutely sad to me when I try to have a political conversation with a friend…and they say things like “We only have two choices.” The sad part is not them saying that since they may honestly think that only two candidates are worthy of the office. The sad part is them believing that there are only two candidates to actually choose from. It’s tragic actually, when you consider this mindset is not happenstance, but by design.

   Even people that are aware that there are more choices often retort that a third party candidate has “no chance of winning, so why waste the vote?” Personally, I think the real wasted vote is one cast for a person you know is bad for the country but is the “lesser of two evils.” See, the lesser of two evils…is still evil. 

   Being a third party candidate is brave.

   Neither the Democrats or Republicans want to lose votes to a third party candidate, so to be one means you have the financial and political power of these two entrenched machines gunning to shut you out of the process, and shut you down if you become a part of it.

   There is a monopoly on exposure and funds controlled by the Democrats and Republicans that is politically enslaving the citizens with the illusion of freedom. If we do not educate ourselves though, we, the people, are at fault for the calamity this process is bringing us.

   There is a reason why we never see a third party candidate on the debate stage anymore and that reason is nicely summed up with this quote:

In the land of the free they feel the voting population are teenagers that require structure and limited choice. In the land of the free two parties get to debate as decided by a debate commission comprised of those two parties.

   That’s right….the people that control who can debate on national television are sponsored by the very parties debating.

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is an independent nonprofit corporation established in 1987 under the joint sponsorship of both the Democratic and Republican political parties in the United States.

   If you believe the political system is set the way it is to benefit the people, you are wrong. If you think the mainstream media is interested in exposing this travesty for your benefit, you are wrong.  So when a brave soul steps forward with a desire to help the country and serve the people, it’s no wonder you never hear about them. Those in power have only one desire…to remain in power. They learned a valuable lesson when they allowed an alternative to be heard:

Over the intervening 28 years, there has been one commission-organized debate that included a third-party candidate: Ross Perot in 1992, with Bill Clinton and the senior Bush. That was allowed to occur because both parties thought Perot’s inclusion would ultimately help them, but that may have backfired, the suit contends: Perot’s public support nearly tripled after the debate, from 7 percent to 19 percent.

It hasn’t happened again.

   This particular election cycle is relevant to the subject since both candidates (Clinton and Trump) each have a national disapproval rating of over 60%. Imagine what would happen if all those people voted for an alternative candidate.

   When you do the research into why things are the way they are you will understand why the system is set up so that only those with money can be a part of the process. You understand why the mainstream media gives no coverage other points of view. You understand why you will only see a Democrat and Republican on the debate stage and why the debate is formatted the way it is.

   When you do the research into why things are the way they are you will understand why we live in the land of the free, but freedom is a subjective term because we are politically enslaved.

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