Sunday, August 28, 2016

“Ever Wonder Why….?”

   Sometimes I find myself observing situations that defy logic (in my mind) and I have to wonder why those situations are taking place. I know the world doesn’t always make sense, but that doesn’t mean we have to go along for the ride… and not make sense with it. Perhaps I’m the one having comprehension issues and simply can’t figure out what the perfectly logical explanation is for the things I see? Maybe there is more to the puzzle than the pieces I’m observing? Whatever the case is…join me now for a few simple observations that made me wonder…”why?”

   So you’re sitting in traffic, bumper-to-bumper, moving at a crawl for what must be an accident or some sort of construction. It’s not “rush hour” (the time of day where nobody is actually rushing) so the aforementioned hypotheses seem to be good ones…when you spot the real cause of your traffic ailment, a police officer…”directing” traffic. It’s not the fact that the cop is directing traffic that has you wondering what the heck is going on…it’s the fact they are doing it when the traffic lights are working perfectly! Yes, the lights are operating as they should, but there is a cop directing traffic anyway…sometimes against the light, sometimes attempting to go along with the light…but all the time making a holy mess of traffic, unnecessarily. I have a few friends that are police officers, and would love for them to clarify for me…why?

   So you’re sitting in traffic (again) and you see a bus go by with a bike on the front secured to a bike rack. Umm…if you have a bike that is working fine, then why is it on the bus rack while you are riding the bus? Can’t you simply ride the bike where you need to go? Now, I get there are some obvious situations that would explain why you would see such a thing, like the bike has a flat tire or is in some way damaged that would prevent riding. I’ll even concede the person was simply tired and decided to take a break. Really though, if you’re going to be biking and need to ride the bus during your travels, you probably should stop using the bike and stay with the bus because when I see you get off the bus, don your helmet while wearing you racing gear, all I’m thinking is…why?

   So you’re at the supermarket (after finally getting out of traffic because of the cop) and you grab a few items you need before making your way home. You go to the front of the store to check out, and see a line that goes down the isle and around the corner. No big deal, since you got only a few items, you’ll go to the express lane except….that long line IS for the express lane. Wait..what…? If everyone that has twelve items or less, regardless of the status of any of the other lanes, actually takes a spot in that line, it’s no longer “express” now is it? I mean, when you can go to a regular line and still get through it before that last person that was in the express line can get through….the express line is probably too long. I’ve always thought that maybe they put the slowest cashier in the express lane and the fastest in the other lanes to even them out….but when the fast person is really fast and slow person is really slow, it results in an express line that isn’t really express….and me looking at all the drones in that line and wondering…why?

   I’m not the smartest guy in the world….I’m not even the smartest guy in the room when I’m sitting in one by myself (huh?), but I’m inquisitive enough to wonder about these things, and perceptive enough to even notice them in the first place. Like I said earlier, perhaps I’m the one having a comprehension issue and the true logic is escaping me…or, perhaps not.

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