Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pass the Smelling Salt

   Sometimes I sit in amazement at some of the things I observe, that seem to go unnoticed by others. It’s not that I’m privy to some secret information or am digging deeply for revelations, but just observing what is blatantly touted in front of us all. 

   Perhaps I’m not the one making any sense, but when I look at the television and see some of the commercials or campaign ads, I have to laugh because there is no way I can take it seriously. Then I shudder because I know there are some out there, many in fact, that take it very seriously…and that’s very scary.

   Let me discuss a scenario and see if you can relate. A campaign ad comes on for a guy running for office in New Hampshire. This guy ran for the same office in Massachusetts, but upon not getting elected, picked up and moved to New Hampshire to try it again. Umm…is it me or does this scream insincerity and simply a yearning to just be in office? I mean, before you were for the people of Massachusetts, fighting for their best interests. Now you are standing up for the people of New Hampshire? Methinks the only person you care about is yourself and you will be for whomever you think will vote for you. 

   The sad part is there are other ads that point this out…and yet there are people still thinking their candidate actually cares about them. I got news for you; if he loses he will care about you as much as he cared about those he said he was with before you (wink, wink). 

   How about those commercials from these law firms offering their service if you or a loved one have been injured (or in the loved one’s case, killed) by a prescription medicine? I mean…really? These are the exact same medicines that were in a commercial a few months ago wherein the announcer lists a plethora of side effects, often much worse than the actual condition the medication is supposed to address.

   I mean….really. How obvious is it that we shouldn't be taking these poisonous excuses for making money for the pharmaceutical industry, doctors…and now the lawyers. Can someone please pass the smelling salt because there is a large segment of the population that really needs to wake up!

   They say if you want to hide something, put it in plain sight and watch how it disappears from view. This is proven true with every commercial and campaign ad that crosses your television screen. It goes unnoticed while planting the subliminal seed that ensures you grow up to be a good little sheep. How much would we all really grow if we actually paid attention to the idiocy being presented to us like the best thing since individually wrapped cheese slices? I stopped feeling bad for people that were displeased with their candidate or in a bad way from their medication, because at this late stage of the game, you should know the rules and understand that you will never win until you play a different game.

   I’m tired of the fix being in and refuse to play along, thus…this is me, winning. As I now pass the smelling salt to you, I invite you to join me in waking up to a well-deserved win. Breathe deeply…

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