Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Show Up

   All success begins with being in a position to grasp it. It doesn’t matter the magnitude or the perceived importance of the event or situation. It won’t happen for anyone if they are not present to bring it about. It sounds so very simple, but it is surprising to me the amount of people and the frequency with which people have a hard time of just showing up.
   Half the battle of keeping and getting a job is simply to show up on time. Half the battle to achieving in school is to just show up to class on time...both physically and mentally. Looking for that perfect seat in the movie theater...? Show up. Maybe this person could be “the one” up. Think you or your team can win that event or contest...? Show up. When you really think about it, many of the circumstances that shape our goals and dreams start with simply showing up to initiate the proper sequence of events.
   The world is a demanding place and expectations are sometimes way too high in contrast to reality, in my opinion. However, the demand that someone be somewhere they obligated themselves to be or the expectation they will arrive as promised is not unreasonable in the least. It’s simply a good habit to get into and will always put you closer to that which you are striving for.
   Why have I dedicated a post to this? What do I know about the subject? Theses are good questions you may have as you read this and all I can say is...take it from someone who’s chronically late (me), it pays to show pays even better to be on time. If you’re like me and like to have you’re cake and eat it too ( as seen here), and prefer some sweet frosting on that up early!
   Despite my shortcomings (now wouldn’t that be an interesting post?) I didn’t write this solely from self reflective examination, but from some recent experiences wherein I wasn’t the cause, but shared a large part of the effect. Yes...not showing up doesn’t just bare negative consequences for the missing person, but the ramifications can cascade and envelope the innocent that simply made the mistake of believing you would do as you said you would.
   Sometimes the consequences are minor...perhaps your team loses a game because a key player was missing. At other times the consequences can be dire...and somebody could get seriously hurt because participation was critical. Now...I’m not saying there aren’t times when plans don’t come together. Heck, if there’s one thing I’m keenly aware of is that sometimes, plans don’t come together. All I’m saying is that it’s extremely important to develop the habit and good practice of being where you should be...when you should be there.
   Take the most recent lottery winner for example. They say that you can’t win if you don’t play...and not everyone that plays will eventually win. In fact, most won’t ever win. However, everybody that has won shares one thing in common. Either in person or by proxy...they showed up! If you go and play the lottery after reading this, you probably won’t win...but if you don’t definitely won’t. Success operates in the same get it, you have to show up.

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