Monday, May 30, 2011

Movie Review: "The Next Three Days"

   I always start one of these reviews off by stating how much I enjoy movies. I figure that there is someone out there that is reading this for the first time and would be interested to know how I feel about the subject I’m going to write about. However, those that come here often know exactly how I feel, and so to reach a happy medium, let me just say...I absolutely love to watch movies, and get right to it.
The Cast
   Russell Crowe is a great actor that has never given a performance that I haven’t liked. This movie was no exception and continues his consistent ability to deliver great performances. I felt his pain and desperation throughout and it kept me at the edge of my seat. Elizabeth Banks gives a spectacular performance in this movie. Admittedly, I haven't really noticed her in anything else before this, but that doesn’t diminish from her performance in any way. Liam Neeson has a small role in this film, but I’m a huge fan of his and refuse to talk about this movie without mentioning him. Although his screen time is extremely limited, he had me hanging on his every word.
The Plot: 
   Russell Crowe plays John Brennan, a spouse that has had his life turned upside down and inside out when his wife, Lara Brennan, is arrested and convicted of murdering her boss. All the evidence clearly implicates her as the murderer, but John refuses to believe his wife capable of such a heinous act. After years of living without her and raising their son, all legal avenues to prove her innocence are exhausted...and John must make a decision.
   John decides that he will not live without his family whole and complete and seeks out a man named Damon Pennington (Liam Neeson) that is world famous for escaping prisons said to be inescapable. Armed with advice, determination, and love, John has three days to plan the escape of his wife and get his family to safety to live the life he always wanted.
   With a wrench thrown into every phase of his plans and the constant unexpected happening, John must become someone he’s not, to save someone he wants to be.
The Verdict: 
   This movie is exciting and had me glued to the screen eager to see what would happen next. Crowe brings John Brennan to life as a man that has absolute conviction that his wife is innocent and had me wrapped up in his desperation, fully convinced that love would prevail. When the action starts, the movie takes more twists and turns than some of the best roller coasters.
   The only element of the movie I had issue with was the unrealistic leaps of deduction by the police. Batman, holding the mantle of “Worlds Greatest Detective,” isn’t even that good...but it help set the action in motion so I didn’t get too caught up in that one ridiculous moment.
   This movie was a slightly different flavor than my usual cup of tea, but any movie that has me screaming at the television is certainly something to savor. Great performances all around and a good story gets this movie three cinnamon sticks, out of five, in my cup.

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