Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hating Snow for All the Wrong Reasons

If I start this piece off by saying that I don’t like snow, it would be one of the most malicious acts of understatement to be committed within the last century. It would be like calling Antarctica a “little nippy”...saying touching molten lava is “bad for your skin”...being trapped in a cage full of hungry lions seen as “an unfortunate turn of events.” I think you get my drift but just in case my point isn’t hitting the nail on the head...I REALLY don’t like snow.
It seems I’m not alone in my feelings toward the endless inches of frozen water we get every year. There are many people that agree with the sentiment. Being a born rebel and generally one that doesn’t like to flow with the crowd...simply because they’re flowing, I had to step back and analyze why I had such a...ahem...disdain for snow. I was shocked that I found myself vexed at the natural expression of winter for all the wrong reasons.
If you are a hater of snow, ask yourself why? I asked myself and came to some interesting conclusions. 
Cold: Is cold really an issue for me? I like ice in my drinks...liking cold drinks. On a hot day I love jumping into a cold pool of water. Ice cream...cold. Needing an injection of painkiller recently had me loving the cold spray applied before the shot. I never roll around butt naked in why should I have an aversion to it being cold? No...I can’t hold cold as an issue against snow.
Shoveling: The physical exertion of shoveling can be a pain in the keister...but is this really a good reason for my ire? I’ve been into working out for almost all of my adult life...and though I don’t always enjoy it, I do enjoy the results of it. I’ve come to realize that exercise is a good thing, even when you don’t “feel” like doing it...and I’ve done it all. From long walks to bench pressing small vehicles...done correctly, the body benefits. So can I hold an opportunity for my body to benefit against snow? I can’t.
Driving: There’s no doubt about it, snow makes a mess. A simple drive to the corner store can become a saving throw against your vehicle skill. Surely this is reason enough for my pain? Well...I love mountain biking and off road driving, both of which I can do easily under normal conditions...but choose adverse conditions for the thrill and challenge. Although the snow conditions are never of my choosing, the driving conditions are no less challenging than conditions I choose anyway. So...not really a good enough reason.
Well...if these reasons are the staple of why snow makes so many enemies, then what’s my problem? What’s my real issue with snow? What’s the deal? I don’t get stumped often...but this really had me marinating. Then I figured it out. My problem with snow isn’t because of what it is, but because of what it isn’t.
Snow doesn’t smell like cinnamon...and I like the smell of cinnamon. I despise snow because it doesn’t smell like cinnamon (there, I said it). If every time it snowed, it permeated the soothing, warm smell of fresh cinnamon...I think I’d love it! 
So I no longer...ahem...”dislike” snow for all the wrong reasons...but for the only reason that matters to me. What's your reason?


  1. Luv this article but I hate snow - passionately . I hate snow because I am a pedestrian. To cross the street I must first climb a snowbank just to end up in the slush puddles, or I have to walk in the street because people won't shovel ( not you because of course as ur article says your trying to become ripped ), or even better when it freezes over and becomes an ankles twisting ice rink _ priceless _ lol _ I might like it more if it smelled like vanilla but I doubt it!

  2. I love snow! I think it's because we never get it where I live. The last time we got snow here, in Houston Texas, was around Christmas 2009; so it's a rare oddity here. When it snows it's like a block party and EVERYONE goes outside to enjoy it for the short time it exists. Schools close, roads close, people call into work. It amazing when it snows here. Then, within a few hours, it's all gone again.

  3. This was very interesting subject. I too would say "Damn I hate snow" every year, every time the first storm arrived. After reading your blog it starting me thinking about why I hate show and realized that I really don't "hate" snow. Snow is associated with the winter and the cold. I can definitely say I hate the winter because I truly of cold year round. Going to the beach in the summer I will sit on the hot sand instead of going into the cold water. Thinking back of how I loved the snow as a child. I loved it because it was associated with days off of school, snow ball fights and snow angels. I dislike winter because It gets dark quickly etc, etc. So even though I now have realized that I do not dislike snow there will be no more snowball fights, or snow angels for me. Being in college however, will produce days off. So I have come to the realization that I am neutral on the subject of snow.

  4. At times I look out the window to see this madness fall from the sky and become transported to far away warm and serene beaches. So I like it! Pass me another Dos Equis stay thirsty my friends....

  5. It's not concerning snow, it's the existence GOD awarded you take pleasure in every minute, rain, sleet, snow, the sun and love yourself. God embraces you and snow, don't stress in excess of things you can't change and know the difference, such as you can relocate, Dance, Dance, Dance everyday.

  6. I don't have a problem with snow, but then again, it almost never occurs in Portland, Or. I DO hate the rain though, because that is nearly all we ever get here. I've lived here for 20 years and I can say I'm ready to move out of this soggy city. But that is getting off the subject. I honestly have never seen as much snow as all of you further out in the country do. Those of you who live in Michigan, Colorado, or Canada, Midwestern to Northern United States, you get more snow that I can ever dream of. Yet you all despise it because you get too much of it. You forget all the fun you had in it when you were children and only see it now as nothing more than a weather monster. Because I haven't seen as much snow as you, I actually long for it over here. It'd be a nice change from all the rain I am sick of seeing. Of course, then I'd hate snow too, so there is no win/win in this situation.

    Here, when it DOES snow, it only lasts for one day. Schools close, roads close, people make a big fuss when there is only a half inch of snow. Everyone goes out to walk and play in it, and has a good time. But the next day, it's all gone. It makes me rather sad, but at least because of this, we're rather lucky, and we Portlanders love snow because it is so rare. The only problem is, we don't know how to deal with it, which we DON'T like.

  7. There seem to be mixed feelings on the subject of snow...:-) If only we could all switch climates from time to time and even out our feelings. I haven't thought about being excited about snow as a child in a long time.'s a matter of perspective...:-)