Thursday, April 30, 2015

“Furious 7” 

    I am an ardent fan of the cinematic arts. Although I have certain genre preferences, I don’t let that stifle my curiosity and close myself to different flavors of entertainment. That said...I am a huge fan of science fiction, super hero and action movies! Please visit my other blog The Boxed Office for reviews, exclusively, on these types of movies.

The Cast: 

   Vin Diesel reprises his role as Dominic Torreto as he battles against the bloodthirsty brother of previous nemesis Owen Shaw in a bid to save his family. Diesel is still the bad-ass he’s expected to be, bound and determined to come out on top.

   The tragic death of Paul Walker did not prevent the reprisal of his role as Brian O’Connor. Through CGI and the help of his brothers, O’Connor came to life as a man torn between family and the fast pace, in need of a stark reminder of what is really most important.

   Dwayne Johnson is back as Hobbs and is his classic epic self as he delivers the first fight scene of the film and later swoops in to lend support to his now, extended family.

   Jason Statham is Deckard Shaw, a man out for revenge for his brother and is bent on burying Toretto, his family, and anyone that would stand in the way of his goals.

The Plot:   
   Deckard Shaw embarks on a quest to eliminate Toretto and his crew for the extensive injuries to his younger brother Owen. With seemingly unlimited resources to become a ghost that is every where, and nowhere at once, Toretto and his crew are on borrowed time.
  Toretto and his crew have left the fast life behind them and think there are nothing but sunny days ahead when they get the news that one of their own has been murdered and they are being hunted by one of the worst possible people on the planet.
   To complicate matters, the US government is trying to get possession of a hacker that has developed a new technology and only Toretto and his crew have the needed skills to do the job. Doing the job also helps them as this new technology is the very thing they need to go from being the hunted to the hunter.
Completing the job is just the tip of the iceberg as the government is not the only interested party and stealing it is not the same thing as keeping it.

   What follows is pure adrenaline and fast-paced mayhem as Toretto and his crew do the impossible, seemingly in every frame of the film!

The Verdict: 
   After six films, if you don’t know what to expect when the lights go out in the theater, you might as well not even bother to buy a ticket.

   This film was so packed with action that it was actually over-the-top. I found myself sitting in the theater thinking to myself “no way” as each stunt went further and further into left field leaving all semblance of realism behind.

   I expected as much when I decided to see this film and while I was thoroughly entertained, I felt something was missing from the film when it began to border on the ridiculous with scenes so crazy I began to wonder if the film was actually spoofing itself.

   Great cinematography, fast cars, and bad-ass fight scenes will always be a plus in my book and will always hold my attention. Crazy stunts that make me say “no way” will have me thinking about what I’m watching instead of just enjoying what I’m watching. That said, this film was certainly a flavor I enjoy and soaked three and a half cinnamon sticks in my cup of tea.

Rating 3.5 /5

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