Monday, September 22, 2014

Breaking the Law of Attraction

   The Law of Attraction has been around since the inception of humankind. It’s very basic and simplistic and goes like this: men and women are attracted to each other. Of course, generalizations are not absolute, so take no offense when I don’t focus (but am fully aware) that all men and women are not attracted to each other…many are attracted to the same sex (again though, the same Law of Attraction).
   Although the title of this post implies that this law can be broken, you will not see me advocating this to be true…indeed, I think this law can never be broken. To do so would be to end humanity as we know it (and enter into some weird science fiction situation that doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest). No, the title is set forth to discuss those of us having a hard time accepting this law, and probably at times, wish it can be broken.
   Let me set up the scenario and see if you can relate. A couple is out and about when one of them (either the man of the woman) steals a glance at the opposite sex (again, insert the same sex if it applies). Now, admittedly, there is a right and wrong way to do this (and I’m not advocating doing so, but the law is the law), wherein one is not being blatantly obvious or disrespectful. However, even doing it innocuously can raise the ire of someone not secure in their relationship or are just generally an insecure person.
   Maybe I only speak for myself when I say the mature person simply understands that attraction exists, no matter how vested you are in another, because being so vested does not make you something other than human. Maybe I’m the immature one to not make a national security case out of our humanity and choose instead to keep moving myself forward fully grasping the reality of my situation, and secure in the fact that it trumps the thought that some other guy is handsome or cute. Perhaps I am in error to look deeper to what I see as the root of the problem being insecurity, not natural human reactions.

   Now I know there will be a segment of people (likely women) reading this and thinking that a simple look or quick glance can lead to cheating. In response I’ll say of course it can…however, it is never just a simple look or quick glance that does this, but the pursuit thereafter with determined intent that really leads to cheating. Heck, if we really want to take a few steps down that particular rabbit hole, the situation of cheating really begins long before there is even anyone else to glance at…but I digress.

   The plain truth is the Law of Attraction can never be broken and we all have to live with it. Every celebrity (of any type) any of us finds attractive puts us in compliance with that law.  It’s the unconscious search for the perfect person (even if they have already been found). It’s natural. It’s even healthy (although choosing to take your humanity to the extreme and cheat might be very unhealthy depending on the reaction of your mate. Fair warning).
   I don’t know if it’s some hidden part of the Girl Code I have never seen but this idea that women have that they are the center of a man’s universe is…right (of course), but just doesn’t manifest in quite the way they think it should. Men will look, as will women (although the belief is that it happens to a lesser extent…I’m not so sure about that). I think as part of the common ground that needs to be shared by both sexes, there needs to be acceptance that the Law of Attraction is here to stay, we just need to deal with it in a healthier way than unmitigated insecurity and disrespectful behavior…but again, I digress.


  1. I have trained myself pretty well not to turn my head in front of the woman I am with, but am often shocked at just how far their head swings when a pretty woman (who I fought hard not to look at) passes them by.