Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Movie Review: “Red Dawn”

   I am an ardent fan of the cinematic arts. Although I have certain genre preferences, I don’t let that stifle my curiosity and close myself to different flavors of entertainment. That said...I am a huge fan of science fiction, super hero and action movies! Please visit my other blog The Boxed Office for reviews, exclusively, on these types of movies.

The Cast: 

   Chris Hemsworth (Thor) was well cast for the role set before him. It didn’t call for too much acting range...but was believable enough that he’ll probably have no complaints about his characterization. If only the same could be said of Josh Peck. I wasn’t sold for a single second by his performance...or lack thereof. It seemed as though he had a permanent smirk on his face no matter what the situation or emotional state. For me, he actually detracted from the film. Josh Hutcherson (Hunger Games) played a very good supporting role and was the comic relief (or as much as could be given the dire situation). Jeffery Dean Morgan was a welcome edition to the cast and was more than adequate at delivering veteran on a mission that only the Wolverines could pull off.

The Plot:

   It’s really unnerving to contemplate the United States being invaded and occupied. It was unsettling when the original movie came out in 1984, and is just as unsettling now...even if the plot is a bit more unrealistic than it was in 1984.

   North Korea has invaded the United States and taken over the West Coast and Midwest by using a new device that disables electronics and communications. Later we learn Russia has taken the East Coast at the same time. Jed Eckert (Hemsworth) and his brother escape the initial invading force parachuting in, along with a few others, and head for the woods to collect their bearing on what is happening.

   Jed, being ex-military, organizes the group by training them in the ways of guerrilla warfare when they decide that fighting back is a better option than surrender...especially after they witness the death of their father at the hands of the brutal Korean magistrate, Captain Cho. What follows is a series of events that inspire the American spirit, and shows what will and determination can accomplish in the face of insurmountable odds.

The Verdict: 

   Anyone a fan of the original, and expecting it to be exactly the same, will be a bit disappointed. it’s essentially the same movie as it shares the same basic premise as the Unites States being invaded and occupied by a “red” country...but there are some subtle differences that separate the two films.

   One of those differences is the calibre of acting. Patrick Swayze was a great actor, and although Hemsworth holds his own, many of the rest of the cast just couldn’t deliver like the supporting cast of the original. Josh Peck was a particular let down for me.

   On a positive note, the special effects were excellent...something the original can never compare to just by virtue of time and technology. The explosions were big and impactful, something fully expected given the subject material.

   Although the film isn’t a total loss, it wasn’t the big blockbuster I expected it to be. It didn’t deliver the same impact of the original, in part due to the shock value that only seeing the original for the first time could achieve. It didn’t do a lot of make too much sense given the way the technology of today can find people, but with a suspension of belief, it did manage to do one thing. It was entertaining enough to float 2 1/2 cinnamon sticks in my hot tea. Drink responsibly...and with an open mind.

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