Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers...Most of All

   If reflecting and honoring mothers makes today a special day, then it isn’t any different from any other day for me. I constantly reflect with thoughts of my mother and honor her every time I do the best I can with endeavors of positivity and kindness. I am the product of her effort to make a child into a man through love, education, discipline, and understanding. She was the spark that ignited the flame within me, an ever burning torch that illuminates the way for those that have come after me. I never ponder the question of where I would be without the nurturing love of my mother because the importance of my reality is where I am and where I am going because of her.
   Today is a day set aside specifically for mothers...all mothers. So today, I not only reflect on my own, but the important role of every mother and the impact that role has in our society. The mother is a revered position and the denigration of such could get somebody injured. Say what you will about the attire or position of a person, comment derogatorily about how someone speaks or acts...but make a mother the object of such attacks and there will be a line crossed, an area breached, a nest disturbed that the resulting sting can only be sourced back to a revered queen. 
   The bond between a child and a mother is profound in its origin and eternal in its duration. Only a mother can know the feeling of having a life growing inside of her. Only a mother can understand the connection shared as the very fabric of her being is the fuel that sustains the engine of life within her bosom. A man can never understand this because a man can never experience the gift of pregnancy. I am a father but the connection I have with my children happened after they were born...a supplement to the connection they already had with their mother before they even saw the light of day.
   When thinking about the societal significance of mothers, think on this: anybody and everybody you see has come from one. To erase the mother from the equation of humanity is to erase humanity itself. Of those things we hold dear in life, the moments that make life special to us, mothers...most of all, will be at the apex. Ask any infant who the most important people on the planet are, and you will get the same answer all the time: mothers...most of all.
   Anyone that has lost their mother knows well the hole left in life by the absence of the one that loved you before you were even self aware to understand the love you were receiving. My mother passed away June 24th, 2000 and the memories of her love became that much more cherished after that day. My position might be somewhat biased as I implore anyone still blessed with the smile, hug, and scolding of their make everyday a happy day for her. 
   This particular day may happen once a year, but the love of a mother happens forever. For every mother that reads this, know that you belong to a special group, and exclusive club, an organization that can only be joined through the miracle of having given birth to another and continued nurturing...and becoming one of the most important people on the planet. 

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