Monday, January 10, 2011

So...the Recession Doesn’t Effect You?

Did you wear your seatbelt today? It doesn’t weren’t going to get into a car accident anyway. Or were you? I don’t know...I certainly hope you didn’t and won’t anytime soon...but did you wear your seatbelt? Do you take this simple step in safeguarding yourself in the event of an accident? I hope you don’t just depend on airbags alone and luck of nothing happening as the only precautions you take.

Talking about precautions...what sort of precautions are you taking for the recession? There are many people out there under the impression that the recession doesn’t effect them. They have a house. They have a car. They have a good job. So what’s the big deal with the recession anyway? The recession just effects people that don’t have anything right? Wrong!

Many just don’t realize that they are one paycheck away from the recession crashing down their world. Notice the picture at the top of this page. The trap is in thinking it could never happen to you. That your money will always be there. That your job will always be there or even that you will always be working. That your house will always be there...whether it be mortgage or rent. I hope these things never change for you, except for the better...but the reality is that you could lose your job tomorrow and the house of cards, as it were, could follow shortly after.

A traffic accident, with or without your seatbelt, could rob you of your ability to do your job. The recession could rob your employer of the means to employ you. Heck, heaven forbid you make an error that gets you fired. There are many ways to lose a job...and easy is the last word you can use in describing finding one. Are you prepared? Do you have enough money in the bank to sustain your lifestyle? Do you know what and where the resources are to help you? Do you have a plan “B”? 

I would recommend you get a plan “B”, “C”, and “D” because if there is one thing life has shown me in the short time I’ve been around, it’s that anything can happen...and often does. Tough times are in effect...and if you’re not taking notice, shame on you. If you haven’t noticed that box of cereal or bag of chips getting smaller, while the price stays the same...then you’re just the kind of consumer corporations love.

Ever take note of the small print that appears on the shelf in the supermarket? You should. Not thinking about the times we live in is the worst thing you can do...especially if these times force you to notice them later on. So...still think the recession doesn’t effect you? Think again. I could write a book about the many ways it does and what you should be doing before and after...wait a minute...I did.

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